Saturday, December 6, 2008

28 dec 2008, Puratan Chhatra Sammelan ?

Friends and fellow KVPians,

CShekhar Maneria has been trying hard this year it to make PKS (PuratanChhatra Sammelan) happen.
Hope all of you who are in or arround Jaipur at that time should make it priority to attend the PKS, and also influence others.

And please make this blog alive, by writing the events interesting or foolish of your KVP days in this blog, and share them with us and keep our bonds alive.

And also if you have anything interesting happening in your life now you can definitely share that here.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Puratan Chhatra Sammelan on 23 Dec 2007

Every one of the alumni is expected to come, all of the KVPians have been sent personal invitations on the address available with Keshav Vidya Peeth, signed by Shri Pushpendra Singh Ji, Pradhanacharya, Keshav VidyaPeeth.

Please post your feedback in comment's section.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A blog for every KVPian!

Hi every one, when I first got to know the web, way back in 1999 I was quite fascinated with all the creativity made simple and accessible to all without any sound financial investment. Hence I tried my hand on simple things and made the website possible.

Another "Rahul' the Jain came along and made further advancements. But for long the site has been in more or less same shape. The Yahoo group is far more active, but still the site if updated regularly with info from KVP faculty and student could serve us better. There is a Yahoo and Google group. I think both can co-exist. Later on with time it will be proved which is more useful for all of us.

We can already Create pages at Google Groups. So anyone who wants to create anything for all of KVPians can create pages there. Its very simple to do, one needs only his creativity.

One can upload files and photos on both of the Groups i.e. Yahoo! or Google. People can change the way the get group mails for there account. And there other lot of useful things we can share with each other. So try and find out the newest ways to remain bonded with KVPians.

Last but not the least, this blog
which is addressed on
for all of us, anyone can post on this blog. if someone is unable to post the anything please mail this to me. I will put it on blog.

So share, create and remain bonded!
a KVPian